Dipl.-Phys. Dr.
Gerhard Peters

  • German Patent Attorney (2012) [Patentanwalt]
  • European Patent Attorney (2012)
  • European Trademark and Design Attorney (2013)
  • In IP since 2008
  • Joined Mitscherlich in 2013

    Professional Qualifications

    Master’s Degree in Physics [Diplom-Physiker]
    University of Regensburg, Germany

    Dr. rer. nat. [PhD]
    University of Regensburg, Germany

    Professional Experience

    Patent Attorney at renowned IP law firms in Munich, Germany

    Trainee at the Federal Patent Court in Munich, Germany

    Technical Fields

    • Telecommunication
    • Network Science
    • RT Technology
    • Signal Processing
    • Software
    • Semiconductor Devices
    • Mechanics


    Member of FICPI, epi