Ingénieur Diplômé
Robin Le Goff

  • European Patent Attorney (2010)
  • Qualified as French Patent Attorney (2010)
  • In IP since 2003
  • Joined Mitscherlich in 2017

    Professional Qualifications

    Ingénieur Diplômé [Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering]
    Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon, France

    Representatative before the UPC

    Professional Experience

    French and European Patent Attorney in private practice in Lyon, France
    R&D engineer in Grenoble and Lyon, France

    Technical Fields

    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Automotive Technology
    • Orthopedic devices
    • Tower and mobile cranes
    • Electrostatic spraying systems
    • Mechanical and fluidic connectors
    • Weaving techniques
    • Infrared and X-ray detectors
    • Image processing
    • Mechatronics


    Member of epi